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THE RIVERS OF CHINA by Alam De Groen. Set and Costume DesignDirected by Phil Rouse. Don't Look Away and Theatre Works. Lighting Design by Sian James-Holland. Photographed by George Darsas.

"..Cleverly created by set designer Martelle Hunt, when put side-by-side in this way, the differences between theses two spaces extend far beyond one being indoors, and the other outdoors. Contextually, the garden could be of any time, whereas the heart rate monitor, the metal-framed bed and the intravenous drip are all hallmarks of a hospital you would visit today. The garden is also living and breathing, whereas the lifeless patient occupying the hospital bed, with a face wrapped in bandages, is far from blossoming."


Australian Arts Review - Thomas Jones

- Arts Hub

Martelle Hunt    

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