Martelle is a diversely skilled and innovative designer. Currently based in London, Martelle trained at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne and is a practicing artist with over 8 years experience.

Her design work focuses on creating intricate, detailed and imaginative worlds through rigorous and challenging dramaturgical analysis.

With a sharp eye for historical accuracy and a deep understanding of environmental architecture, Martelle’s work has earned her rave reviews and award nominations across Sydney and Melbourne.

2015 - Nominated for the Australian Production Designers Guild - NIDA Award for Emerging Designer for Stage (The Rivers of China)

2016 - Nominated for the Sydney Theatre Award for Best Costume Design, Independent Theatre (Inner Voices)

2017 - Costume Designer for Sydney Theatre Awards Best Independent Production (A View from the Bridge)

2018 - Short Listed for the Old Vic Theatres 2019 OLD VIC 12 Program


I am interested in collaborating with like minded artist and using my design abilities to support narrative based work, to create theatre that I can connect with and results in a powerful audience response.

I have always instinctively been drawn to the sound of the female voice. It resonates with me on an ancient, primal level. My grandmother was a singer and my mother is a creative writer. Creative expression from a female perspective was an important part of my upbringing and is now at the core of my own ethos as an artist.

I am drawn to exploring folk lore and how ideas and beliefs are handed down and can leave a mark on the soul. How stories can be twisted to change the perspective. How people become celebrated or misunderstood. 

Most importantly I am interested in examining how these ideas have developed into the culture of the societies we now live in and attitudes we inhabit. 


When I was in school, I would animatedly recount the plot of different films I had seen to kids on the bus. I now realise I did this for the same reasons that I now make theatre, to stir an emotional response in an audience, present a perspective they may not have considered otherwise or simply to entertain and delight. I want to cause an audience to react and feel something powerful. 


I absorb aurally and express myself visually. This is something I have always understood how to do instinctively and how I came to pursue design as a profession. It is the visual aspect of telling a live story. Because of this I enjoy engaging with work that is design lead or requires its own visual language to be created. I feel passionately about good writing and I always prefer to work on projects that have a narrative. I feel it is important to have a single vision that all collaborators on a given project can draw from and refer to.


I believe that you will never know everything in this world, and there is endless opportunity for exploration. I feel I come close to my best work when I have space and time to research and explore to an extent I feel is necessary for the project and the most thorough exploration is done through collaboration.

I find a project is always easier to immerse myself in when I can connect with the people I am working with. The job becomes easier and the work is always better. In my career thus far I have been lucky enough to work closely with some extremely talented artist who have also become some of my closest friends. This is a relationship philosophy that I believe works and I will continue into my professional future.

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