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A WINNING HAZARD ALLOW ME TO APOLOGISE & ORANGE BLOSSOMS. Three comediettas by J.P. Wooler. Set and Costume Design. 

Directed by Phillip James Rouse.  Produced by The Hazard Project/The Finborough Theatre. Lighting Design by Euan Davis. Sound Design by Julian Starr. Photographed by Scott Rylander. Performed at the Finborough Theatre, London.

Close-Up Culture - J2

"It fizzes with energy – Lucozade theatre without the need for an overload intake of calories. As for the costumes, they are magnificent, especially the bonnets and crinoline dresses worn by Lockley and Starte. Hats off to designer Martelle Hunt." 

London Pub Theatres - Deborah Jeffries

"The costumes designed by Martelle Hunt were inspired"

Martelle Hunt    

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