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BABES IN THE WOODS Adapted by Phil Rouse. Based on the good works of Tom Wright. Set and Costume Design. Directed by Phil Rouse. Don't Look Away. Lighting Design by Sian James-Holland. Photographed by Ross Waldron. The Old Fitz Theatre.

"The tiny theatre is decked to the walls with red, gold, and silver tinsel, and a rough-hewn nativity featuring toy koalas and assorted Australiana, .....Martelle Hunt’s set may seem simple, but it is an appropriately dazzling backdrop for her costumes – a mashup of period crinolines and ringlets with plaid, short-shorts, lederhosen, mullets, and Merv Hughes-style moustaches. Plus a gloriously thick-witted emu called Flapgherkin.


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Martelle Hunt    

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